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AFRC’s mission is to enhance the health of our public &private forests through enforcement of sound forestry practices.

Flying screens
Flying screens

Forest Products Industry Responds to BLM Draft Resource Management Plans

Tom Partin, President of the American Forest Resource Council issued the following statement on the release of the BLM's…

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Flawed O&C Solution Pushed through Senate Committee Markup

Senator Wyden’s flawed O&C legislation (S. 1784) is unanimously opposed by Oregon’s forest products industry, opposed…

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Litigation Against Douglas Complex Salvage Project Reveals Disregard for Rural Communities, Forest Rehabilitation

On September 30, 2014 Tom Partin, President of the American Forest Resource Council, issued a statement regarding the…

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    • BLM Plan Falls Short
    • Litigation Impacts to Federal Forest Management
    • New Section 7 Consultation Regulations
    • New DxP Direction Issued
    • Carlton Complex Harvest Moves Forward
    • National Forests Failing Wildlife
    • ODF Budgets Aid to Federal Forests
    • Busy 4th Quarter in SW Oregon
    • NWFP Forum
    • Marten Named to Head Region 1
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